Our tubes are tailor-made to meet your exact specifications.
                                                      We provide the best material and produce tubes in a wide range of grades and sizes
                                                    1. Process: seamless stainless steel pipe welding

                                                    2. Material: stainless steel, copper nickel alloy, nickel based alloy, ultra pure ferrite
                                                    3. Applications: chemical power station, water industry, sewage treatment, aerospace, offshore oil, etc.
                                                    4. Technological innovation

                                                      It has an innovative tradition and consistent product quality, which means we can provide the most appropriate product for each application. We divide the product into two broad categories based on performance (rather than steel), and each category contains several lines to help you select the best product for your application more easily.

                                                    5. globalization

                                                    6. power station

                                                    7. sewage disposal

                                                    8. oil-refining

                                                    9. shipbuilding
                                                    10. 国产精品毛片A∨一区二区三区